Water over the Bridge

From the Z-papers by Herb Zinser

Paper 1275  provides some data about Nature’s SYMBOL MACHINE comprised of  nouns,verbs, concepts, math equations,  flowcharts, etc.  The ideas found in math and science textbooks are part of the SYMBOL MACHINE.

Using Galileo’s suggestions  of  ” 2 CHIEF WORLD  SYSTEMS”   we now perceive Sartre existentialism as partitioned into 2 or more data spaces……. the  2  CHIEF existential entities

1) physical reality of objects: concrete highways, iron  automobiles, cellulose trees, humanoids, etc.
2) The world of symbols, concepts, process control system flowcharts, biochemistry diagrams,  math and physics equations, etc.

Thus we understand Charles Dickens ” TALE of 2 Cities”.


Maps and Territories – Rijnlandmodel

Language in Thought and Action, S.I. Hayakawa.
Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories
There is a sense in which we all live in two worlds.


Thus we have the source domain of SYMBOL LIFE and thought that may get mapped to the destination range of physical biology with human activities of the geography surface of EARTH.

mapping domain range

Abbreviated code –>  Water over the Bridge –> Water  gover  –> Water molecule government  and its molecular social engineering laws and limits for humans …per code number 72 and  code 72 year 1972 Watergate molecule  …logic gate message,


water human


picture - bridge 17






picture - system 370









time machine



picture  - hex 2





Below,   EARTH Language map for words “Water over the dam”  …….. with  Beaver Dam and  Watertown ..(and nearby Water100 ..not shown)

highway 33 beaver dam








picture - assembler code


The Base 16 hexadecimal COMPUTER EARTH  geo-math geography processing region

map - africa 2


Thus we have some clues about Nature’s languages and their various expression formats.